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Annual Report IRISH 2015 View
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Annual Report IRISH 2014 View
Annual Report ENGLISH 2014 View
Annual Report 2013 (Irish Version, 38.6 MB) View
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Annual Report 2012 (Irish Version) View
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Annual Report 2011 (Irish) View
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Annual Work Programme

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Annual Work Programme 2016 View

Southern Regional Assembly Corporate Plan 2015-2019

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Corporate Plan 2015-2019 View

Annual Implementation Reports for the S&E Regional Operational Programmes

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Citizens' Summary 2014 and 2015 View
Annual Implementation Report 2014 View
Annual Implementation Report 2013 View
Annual Implementation Report 2012 View
Annual Implementation Report 2011 View
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We post publications published by the Southern Regional Assembly or publications relating to the co-funded programmes we manage or that we are assoicated with. We endeavour to keep this listing as up to date as possible.

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The JESSICA 2014-2020 Evaluation Study for Ireland View
A financial instrument (FI) is a fund which is set up using EU Structural Funds with the aim of investing in projects and leveraging other financing, including that from the EIB. Instead of using EU funds as a grant, a financial instrument invests in projects that generate a return. The current financial instrument is known as JESSICA i.e. Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas. JESSICA responds to the requirement to support sustainable urban transformation by addressing a perceived shortage of investment dedicated to integrated urban renewal and regeneration projects in European cities. The main financial innovation is that instead of paying out capital as a grant, capital is revolving and can be reinvested in new projects (enabling the “recycling of funds”).
Seafood Development Programme View
The Seafood Development Operational Programme 2007-2013 which is part co-funded by the European Commission provides the mechanism to channel structural funds from the European Fisheries Fund in the amount of €42.26 million to the Irish industry.
Ireland CAP Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 View
This programme is based on the EU framework for rural development and on the national rural development strategy formulated in line with that framework. The programme for Ireland sets three main priorities: Improving the competitiveness of the agriculture sector; Improving the environment and the countryside by support for land management; Improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging diversification of economic activity.
Forfas - South East Region Employment Action Plan View
The South-East region Employment Action Plan was prepared by Forfás following a request from the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation of 14 September 2011 for input to the preparation of an employment action plan for the South East region.
Ex ante Evaluation View
The ex ante Evaluation informed the process of planning and preparation for the S&E Regional OP 2007-2013. It was conducted by FGS Consulting in 2006.
External Competitiveness, Internal Cohesion (Southern & Eastern Regional Needs Analysis 2001 -13) View
External Competitiveness, Internal Cohesion S&E Regional Needs Analysis 2007-13. The Assembly commissioned a team led by Fitzpatrick Associates to prepare a “Regional Needs Analysis” as a background contribution to the ongoing national and regional planning processes, and to feed into the preparation of the 2007-2013 EU programming period.
National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) for Ireland 2007 - 2013 View
The National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) details Ireland’s National Strategy for using European Union Structural Funds sets out the direction for investment by the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund from 2007 to 2013.
Strategic Environmental Assessment of Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2007 - 2013 View
The Strategic Environmental Assessment report describes the results of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 In simple terms, SEA aims to identify the potential environmental impacts of the Programme and ensure that they are addressed within the Programme itself.
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Statement View
The SEA Statement summarises how the SEA Process influenced the preparation of the S&E OP.
SEA Screening Statement View
In accordance with Article 9 of the European Communities (Environmental Assessment of Certain Plans & Programmes) Regulations, 2004 (S.I. 435 of 2004), The S&E Regional Assembly hereby notify that a Screening Report to determine the requirement to undertake a full Strategic Environmental Assessment into the proposed amendments to the Southern & Eastern Regional OP 2007-13 was prepared. The Screening Report concluded that, based on the assessment carried out, the proposed modification to the Operational Programme, which consists solely of amendments to the financial plans and indicator/ targets, is not likely to have significant effects on the environment, and therefore, in accordance with Article 9(2) of Regulation S.I. 435 of 2004, does not require an environmental report to be prepared.
SEA Screening Report, October 2012 View
The purpose of this screening report is to consider whether the changed financial plan and amended performance indicators will give rise to additional significant environmental effects that were not identified and assessed in the application of the SEA procedure applied to the S&E Regional OP, which was approved in October 2007.
Regional Programme 2007 - 2013 (Irish Version) View
Clár Oibriúchain Réigiúin an Deiscirt agus an Oirthir 2007 - 2013
Regional Programme 2007-2013 (English Version) View
Southern & Eastern Regional Programme 2007-2013
Southern and Eastern Regional Operation Programme, 2007 – 2013 Mid-Term Evaluation View
This Report sets out the findings of the Mid-term Evaluation of the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme, 2007 – 2013. The Evaluation – carried out in late 2010 by the Department of Finance Central Expenditure Evaluation Unit – assesses performance to end 2009 of the Operational Programme (OP) and makes recommendations designed to maximise the impact investments under the OP in the years to 2013.
Promotion of the Horizontal Principles in the Regional programme View
See Promotion of the Horizontal Principles for information on the themes prioritised for reporting under the four principles.
National Strategic Report 2009 View
The National Strategic Report 2009 is prepared in accordance with regulations governing the Structural Funds.
Report on Public Attitudes and Awareness of Ireland's European Union Structural Funds Programmes, 2007 - 2013 View
The report on Public Attitudes and Awarenessof EU Structural Funds was jointly commissioned by the S&E and the BMW Regional Assemblies to survey a representative sample of the general public to measure awareness of and attitudes towards, Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes.
Gateway Development Index Report View
Gateway Development Index Report was prepared for the 2 Regional Assemblies and presents the outcome of the preparation and first calculation of a new "Gateway development Index" for the 9 National Spatial Strategy (NSS) Gateways.
S&E Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006 Final Implementation Report View
S&E Regional Operational Programme 2000-2006 Final Implementation Report was prepared in compliance with Article 37 of Regulation 1260/1999 and with the EU Commission Guidance on Closure.