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Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme

The Clustering Call for project applications is open from 15th January to 31st March 2021. It is a unique opportunity to diversify and capitalise on outputs and results, further integrating results as well as disseminating their impacts, reaching a wider group of stakeholders with project outputs, supplementary learning and capacity building.

Clustering projects are small projects that combine 2 or more previously successful or ongoing projects. The project size, budget and duration are limited to reflect the nature of the project type, as well as to allow completion within the current programming period.

The Monitoring Committee will decide on Clustering Call applications on 8th June 2021. Further information, guidance and application documentation is available on the Clustering Call page.

An Online Q&A is scheduled on January 27th, at 14:00 CET to discuss potential clustering consortia with NPA Desk officers and other NPA projects.

Registration is mandatory to receive the participation link. Register here before January 22nd, 2021.

NPA notification: Strategic Environmental Assessment public consultation

Between 7th April and 7th May 2021, a public consultation is taking place for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the INTERREG Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2021-2027, which is currently under development.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is an important tool for integrating environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of programmes with a view to promoting sustainable development. It assesses whether implementing the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme is likely to have (significant) effects (positive/negative) on the environment. The SEA offers an opportunity to improve the environmental dimension of the programme during its preparation.

The conclusions of the SEA Report should be seen in relation to the nature of INTERREG programmes, which focus on cooperation and not on hard investments, and the relatively modest size and likely impact of the NPA 2021-2027.

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Consultation of the draft Cooperation Programme for the NPA 2021-2027

Organisations with an interest in the Northern Periphery and Artic Programme (NPA) are invited to feedback on the Cooperation Programme, the backbone of the NPA 2021-2027 where the strategic vision, funding priorities and structure are described.

The NPA programme has a tradition of involving regional and project stakeholders in the drafting process, to ensure that the programme’s approach is rooted in the needs of the programme area.

The Programme Planning Group, who is in charge of drafting the Cooperation Programme, is looking for input that can help fine tune the document and form the basis for a well-functioning NPA 2021-2027.

For this reason, the drafting team invites feedback on the draft Cooperation Programme document from a wide range of stakeholders, including:

  • NPA projects and former projects
  • Regional Advisory Group members
  • local, regional and national decision makers and other stakeholders from the programme area and neighbouring regions with an interest in regional development and cooperation, including organisations representing indigenous communities
  • other Interreg programmes and ENI programmes with an overlapping geography policy initiatives and international cooperation structures related to the Arctic as well as the Atlantic.

An online survey is open between 22nd April and 7th May allowing interested respondents to provide written feedback on the draft Cooperation Programme for the NPA 2021-2027. Go to the online survey