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    ESPON is an EU funded programme that bridges research with policies and creates research content that is publicly available on the ESPON website to download and use.

    It provides territorial analyses, data and maps to support EU development policies, particularly Cohesion Policy, with facts and evidence. It also helps public authorities to benchmark their region or city, identify new challenges and potentials and shape successful development policies for the future.

    ESPON develops studies based on the needs of European public authorities at all levels. Any local, regional or national authority as well as an EU institution can inform us about policy support needs and become an ESPON stakeholder.

    Our studies have a territorial focus, which means that our analyses are adjusted to the specificity and needs of the people and the places we are looking at.

    For the ESPON 2030 Programme, our studies and events are clustered within the so-called Thematic Action Plans (TAPs) .

    For further information, visit ESPON 30.