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Northern Periphery & Arctic 14-20

    Northern Periphery and Arctic is a transnational European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg B) programme which is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

    It involves cooperation between nine countries which share several joint challenges and opportunities that can best be overcome and realised by transnational cooperation. 

    The Programme aims to help generate vibrant, competitive, and sustainable communities by harnessing innovation, expanding the capacity for entrepreneurship, and seizing the unique growth initiatives and opportunities of the Northern and Arctic regions in a resource efficient way.

    The Programme’s ERDF allocation is €45m with a grant rate of up to 65%, which is fully committed.

    The Programme has four Priorities under which projects operate: 

    1. Innovation
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Renewables & Energy Efficiency
    4. Protecting, developing & promoting natural & cultural heritage


    The Northern & Western Regional Assembly is the Contact Point for Northern Periphery & Arctic in Ireland. The Southern Regional Assembly is the designated First Level Control for all payment claims from partners located in the S&E region and sits on the Programme’s Regional Advisory Group.