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    URBACT works to enable cities to collaborate to develop integrated solutions to common urban challenges by networking, learning from their experiences, drawing lessons and identifying good practices to improve urban policies in the 27 Member States, Norway and Switzerland. 


    URBACT has four main objectives:

    Capacity for Policy Delivery: improve capacity of cities to manage sustainable urban policies and practices in an integrated and participative way

    Policy Design: improve the design of sustainable strategies and action plans in cities

    Policy Implementation: improve the implementation of integrated and sustainable urban strategies and action plans in cities

    Building and Sharing Knowledge: practitioners and decision makers have increased access to knowledge and share know-how on sustainable urban development to improve urban development policies

    URBACT is a European Territorial Cooperation programme which is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Visit the programme's website or contact the URBACT National Contact Point for more information.

    The Southern Regional Assembly is the designated First Level Control for payment claims from partners in the S&E region. S&E region First Level Control audit: flc@southernassembly.ie