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Launch Event: Exploring a Just Transition in Agriculture and Land Use

Event Start: 30 June 2023
Event End: 30 June 2023

Launch Event: Exploring a Just Transition in Agriculture and Land Use

Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications and Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan TD will address the conference in the Convention Centre Dublin on Friday, 30th June 2023 and formally launch NESC Report No.162

Just Transition in Agriculture and Land Use.

The agriculture and land use sector can increasingly be a part of the solution to addressing the climate change and biodiversity crises. This requires that the environmental challenge is addressed together with the intersecting economic and social challenges facing the sector.

Bringing together a wide range of stakeholders across the agriculture, land use, climate and environmental sectors, the event will explore the key themes and recommendations of the report. The central question the event will address is how to achieve a just transition in the agriculture and land use sector.

Based upon the analysis and recommendations in the NESC report No.162, the event will explore how the transition in agriculture and land use can be opportunities led, including diversifying incomes, supporting rural regeneration and leveraging innovative sources of finance. It will also explore how effort and costs can be equitably shared and inclusive processes for governing transition. It will draw on stakeholders' perspectives on the key next steps for ensuring a transition that supports social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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