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Nature-based Surface Water & Urban Management Planning

Event Start: 30 November 2021
Event End: 30 November 2021

Nature-based Surface Water & Urban Management Planning

The importance of managing urban rainfall and surface water is increasingly being recognised in terms of environmental impact. This and the increased risk of flooding due to climate change, means that we need to adapt our approach to urban planning and design in Ireland and plan for greater resilience, environmental protection and sustainable living.

This webinar focuses on how we move to a nature-based approach to urban rainwater management. Following the URBAN PLANNING AND NATURE-BASED SURFACE WATER MANAGEMENT Webinar in November 2020 which was attended by approx 500 people, and the Significant Water Management Issues Report, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) engaged in an intensive round of consultations across Local Authorities, Government Departments and Agencies, professional bodies and other stakeholders during 2021 to produce:

1. A Scoping Report with a roadmap of proposed steps towards the implementation of nature-based solutions.
2. Produce an Interim Guidance Document.

The Webinar will outline the progress made since November 2020 and, as well as launching the outputs of this scoping stage, The webinar will hear from a number of speakers from Ireland and from Wales who will outline their experiences in this area.