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The EU Commission published 60 good reasons for the EU - Why we need the European Union to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Under the following 12 headings they consider ways that the European Union has imapcted positively on the citizens of the union.

  1. What Europe can be proud of  
  2. The EU strengthens  the economy and fosters prosperity 
  3. The EU ensures competition  and keeps big companies in check
  4. The European Union protects consumers
  5. The EU lowers the cost of living   
  6. The EU is committed to ensuring healthy food and a clean environment
  1. The EU makes it easier to travel and work in Europe
  2. Promoting education, research and culture
  3. The EU creates internal security  
  4. The EU plays its part on the world stage  
  5. The EU is helping with the global refugee crisis  
  6. The EU is cutting red tape  

The publication is available as a download here.

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