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Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference, November 2017, Glasgow & Call for workshops, Atlantic Project Awards

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Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference, November 2017, Glasgow & Call for workshops, Atlantic Project Awards

The 2017 Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference will take place in Glasgow on the 8th November. The conference will focus on topics related to Priority 4 of the Atlantic Action of Creating a Socially inclusive and sustainable model of regional development.  Prominence will also be given to the international dimension of the Atlantic Strategy embodied in the 2013 Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation and its potential support to the Blue Economy.

Free pre-registration for the Conference is now available at the following link:


The Call for Workshops is ongoing and the Atlantic stakeholder community are invited to submit, before 16 June 2017, their proposals on trends and themes in the areas of:

  • Fostering better knowledge of social challenges in the Atlantic Area; and
  • Preserving and promoting the Atlantic’s cultural heritage through diversification

Proposals can be submitted at the following link:


The call for submissions for the 2nd Atlantic Projects Awards is also open applications with a deadline of 16 June 2017. Applications should demonstrate excellence in the areas of

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Atlantic Marine and coastal environment
  • Accessibility and connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Cooperation in the Atlantic Area.

Applications can be submitted online at the following link:


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