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COHES3ION partners learn from experts in the Calabrian Region, 3rd & 4th June 2020.

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COHES3ION partners learn from experts in the Calabrian Region, 3rd & 4th June 2020.

COHES3ION project partners came together for the third project study visit hosted by our Italian partners.  Despite not getting to experience the beautiful Calabrian region partners were still able to hear and learn from innovation experts on implementing their smart priorities. The Calabrian region is classed as one of the strongest innovators in Italy and are advanced in the rollout of their Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3).

The first day focused on good working practices from the region.  We first heard from Professor Giuseppe Rossi about Green HoMe an innovation Hub for Sustainable Building - one of 8 priorities identified in Calabrian’s S3. It brings together the expertise of private companies and academia. Green HoMe selected five specific value chains with the aim of leveraging the potential of the Calabria region to develop globally competitive solutions, in line with the priorities identified by the regional innovation strategy. Green HoMe only came in to effect in 2019 and has already had over 80 stakeholders taking advantage of its services and networking opportunities through the payment of a nominal fee. 

The second case study presented was FinCalabra, which provides technical support to the S3 sector through the management of public funds (on behalf of their sole shareholder Calabria Region) mainly from the operating programs including the ERDF funded ROP.  It provides support to local small and medium enterprises through developing business innovation programmes and generate economic development and employment particularly in highly innovative areas.  They have been successful in facilitating over 300 newly employed researchers and over 300 funded projects.

The second day gave partners the opportunity to discuss the progress of their Smart Territorial Maps (STM), a diagnostic analysis of the region mapping regional S3 strategies and its relationship with other regional policies/bodies.  This will allow respective regions to identify any gaps in policy or support measures in implementing the S3.  The STM will also focus the region on recognising and building on its smart priorities. The recently published Southern RSES will be the main engine for achieving the project objectives.

The SRA are partners on the Interreg Europe COHES3ION project, looking at the integration of the regional dimension into Smart Specialisation Strategies, which will assist in identifying regional Smart Priorities and strengthening the regional coordination of innovation delivery and support players.

COHES3ION is part-funded by the Interreg Europe Programme, through the European Regional Development Fund and is led by BEAZ S.A.U., Spain.    

The project will run until 2022, find out more about COHES3ION here.

For further information please contact the Southern Regional Assembly:

Project Contact: Karen Coughlan, EU Projects Officer

Phone: +353 (0) 51 860 706          Email: kcoughlan@southernassembly.ie



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