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Are Irish people aware of EU investments?

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Are Irish people aware of EU investments?

Awareness and perceived impact of Regional EU investments

Ireland is in line with the other member states when it comes to our awareness of the financial support that Europe provides to regions and cities. Across the Union, 35% of people have heard of EU co-financed projects that improve the area they live in.

However, we are more likely to have heard about EU policies, programmes and projects via billboards and national newspapers than our EU counterparts.

Respondents were then asked, on taking into consideration all the projects they have heard about; do they view the support has had a positive or negative impact on the development of their city or region. Respondents in Ireland gave a resounding positive response to this question, with 97% viewing it as a positive impact compared to the 78% of their EU counterparts and only 1% viewing it as having a negative impact. 

Again, when asked if their daily lives benefited from an European funded project, Irish respondents held a more positive view (41%) than those from other Member States (24%).

This is good news for EU funded programmes in Ireland.

More details emerging from the survey are available on the Commission’s website

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