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EMPOWER Regional Action Plans Implementation September 2020

EMPOWER Regional Action Plans Implementation September 2020

Installation of Energy Monitoring Equipment

The Southern Regional Assembly is currently in the process of implementing their Regional Action Plan developed as part of the  EMPOWER project and validated by the Interreg Europe Union Technical Secretariat.

In February 2020, the Southern Regional Assembly and Cork City Council met with the social housing residents of Noonan Road, Cork to outline to them our plan to install energy monitoring equipment in social housing units in advance of undertaking a deep retrofit of these units. 

In August 2020, ACE Controls and Cork City Council tested the energy monitoring equipment off site and the communications, interface and weather station were all functioning correctly. The weather station will measure a number of parameters including wind speed, wind directions, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and rainfall. Inside the house gas consumption, electricity consumption, energy generated by the boiler, air temperature, air pressure and humidity will be measured. All of this data will be transferred and stored on a server from which it can be downloaded and analysed.

Installation of the first energy monitoring equipment in Noonan Road Cork was completed in September 2020 and we expect the remaining energy monitoring equipment to be installed and to commence collecting data before the end of October 2020.

We will collect data before and after the deep retrofit of these social housing units to identify the deep retrofit features that have created the most benefits to reducing energy consumption and energy costs. 

EMPOWER is a five-year, inter-regional project which commenced January 2017. The project aims to reduce carbon output by dynamically monitoring energy efficiency in buildings, with a special focus on innovative methods of financing. Consisting of 9-partners: from Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Spain. The project was approved for a grant of € 1.90 m by the Interreg Europe Programme, through the European Regional Development Fund. 

For more about the EMPOWER project you can read here www.interregeurope.eu/empower  or https://www.southernassembly.ie/eu-programmes/eu-projects or follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/interregempower and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Empower0/


Southern Regional Assembly, Waterford, Ireland

Ms. Rose Power, EU Projects Officer, rpower@southernassembly.ie

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