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Good Practice in the MARIE Project

Another significant milestone was achieved in the MARIE Project with the publication of our Good Practice ‘Broadening the Scope of Impact’.

As a partner on the MARIE project, the Southern Regional Assembly, in conjunction with Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), has submitted a ‘Good Practice’ outlining how to broaden the scope of impact of research. We anticipate this will advance project MARIE’s overall goal of improving regional public policy in support of the delivery and mainstreaming of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).  By supporting commitment to responsibility, the project helps to create smart, sustainable and inclusive regions.

Impact in this instance is defined as the “demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy” 

How does this help me as a citizen?

While many of us may not be aware of the far-reaching consequences of research it seeps into our daily lives.  This good practice has been designed to not only recognise scientific excellence but also to acknowledge the potential impact of research on areas such as society, population, health & wellbeing, food & energy security issues, environmental protection while supporting Government Policy.   Measuring the broader impact increases responsibility resulting in greater accountability to citizens as significant public money is spent on scientific research therefore it is necessary to show value for money. 

RRI is a relatively new concept in Southern & Eastern region of Ireland but SFI are pioneering the way for others to foster RRI into their daily working lives.  Our partnership on the MARIE project will assist SFI in realising their vision of Ireland being the world’s best for both scientific research excellence and impact by 2020.   

MARIE is part-funded by the Interreg Europe Programme, through the European Regional Development Fund and is led by CISE – Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florì-Cesena, Italy.


MARIE will run until 2021, find out more about MARIE at www.interregeurope.eu/marie/

Project Contact: Karen Coughlan, EU Projects Officer, Southern Regional Assembly

Phone: +353 (0) 51 860 706         Email: kcoughlan@southernassembly.ie