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What is the ATLANT-KIS Project about?

What is the ATLANT-KIS Project about?

The ATLANT-KIS project intends to provide some leverage to the public and private KIS sectors in the Atlantic Area. It proposes the development of KIS enabling policies, bridging the gaps between the demand and supply of such services at the regional and transregional level, and promoting their interaction and networking across the Atlantic Area.

As a longer term goal, it also aims to create a favourable environment for the development of Clusters of KIS, thus fostering excellence in the Atlantic Area for the supply of KIS.

Knowledge Intensive Services (KIS) include ICT services, research & development, management and strategic consultancy services, market research and business intelligence among others. These services are heavily reliant on professional knowledge and are mainly focused on providing knowledge intensive support for innovation process of SMEs.
KIS are considered to be one of the hallmarks of a knowledge-based economy as they contribute to the supply of high added value products and services to the EU and to global economic players. KIS are particularly dynamic and rapidly growing within the services sector and are one of the main priorities for innovation policy at the EU level.

The objectives are:

  • To audit and map demand and supply in participating regions- France (Bretagne), Ireland (Southern and Eastern; Border, Midland and West), Portugal (Norte), Spain (Navarra and Galicia), and United Kingdom (Devon and Cornwall).
  • To identify and transfer best practices and new models for the promotion and the transformation of KIS.
  • To develop a KIS platform aimed at matching the supply and demand of KIS across the Atlantic Area.

The ATLANT-KIS project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme