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Public Consultation
Public Consultation

Draft Southern Region's Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy PENDING

The Southern Regional Assembly are currently woring on preparing a draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES), anticipated to be ready for public consultation towards the end of November. 

The Draft RSES, to be published here in towards the end of November, will be a 'consultation draft' written with the purpose of generating comment on its proposals. The following stage will be for the Southern Regional Assembly to consider these comments and to revise the Strategy (if required). Any material amendments will be put on display for comment prior to the final adoption of the strategy.

The RSES was initiated with the publication of the Director's Report in March 2018 following a period of public consultation on the pre-draft RSES Consultation.  This pre-draft commenced with the publication of the Issues Paper the main purpose of which was to frame important questions to facilitate dialogue on a shared vision for the future of the Southern Region.  

For more information on the RSES please visit the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy Page.

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