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EU 2021-27 Policy Framework

EU Funds are shaped by EU regulation which identifies five objectives where the EU is best placed to deliver investments in 2021-27:

  1. Smarter Europe 
  2. Greener, carbon free Europe 
  3. More Connected Europe 
  4. More Social Europe 
  5. Europe closer to citizens 


What’s new for the EU 2021-27 period?

  • 5 policy objectives focused on those most relevant for a competitive and future-proof Europe
  • Climate targets: weighted climate & environmental contribution of investments, min. targets for funds, climate adjustment mechanism
  • Greater empowerment in fund management: dedicated policy objective implemented only through territorial and local development strategies
  • Simplification: one set single of rules for the eight Funds and reduced secondary legislation
  • Conditions for success: streamlined enabling conditions throughout the programming period
  • Flexible programming: allocation of flexibility amount only after midterm review of socio-economic situation/ new challenges
  • Reinforced visibility & communication: beneficiaries and operations of strategic importance

Click here for more information on the EU's 2021-27 roadmap.