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EU Projects

    The EU Project’s Unit was established in 2016 in a bid to enhance the Southern Regional Assembly’s role as Managing Authority for ERDF Regional Operational Programmes and to develop and deliver better policy for the region.

    The Southern Region has an ambitious vision of becoming one of the most Creative & Innovative, Greenest and Liveable Regions in Europe. Participation in EU projects help realise this vision by providing innovative solutions to common regional problems. It helps regions tap into their potential for growth and prosperity through targeted policy approaches. International analysis of regional performance shows that regions can be important sources of economic growth contingent on the adoption of appropriate policy.

    Participation on EU projects will give the Southern Region access to the wealth of knowledge across the European Union for better regional information, policy solutions for common regional challenges and regional leadership in sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

    Through the EU projects unit the Southern Regional Assembly will continue to forge relationships and connect with our partners across Europe for the betterment of the region.

    Information on projects the Southern Regional Assembly are partners in, are available in the menu to the right.