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    Smart Southern Region

    In support of the Southern Region’s ambition to be the most Creative & Innovative, Greenest and Liveable regions in Europe the Southern Regional Assembly (SRA) are working with key stakeholders across the region to support the ‘Smart Southern Region’ approach.

    There is no clear definition of what a smart region looks like and is dependent on the particulars of the region and those living within it. A smart city or region cannot just be defined by solving urban or rural problems through technology. The term "smart" includes technology as an enabler however, a smart city or region is not limited to technological solutions. “Being Smart" is more about intelligent methodology and proper implementation of beneficial and effective solutions than about the technology itself. It is about the willingness to enhance capacity by considering local wisdom and listening to where technology can be integrated into everyday living to facilitate or enable a better quality of life. Creating happiness and wellbeing is the ultimate aim of the Smart Region.

    To advance the ‘Smart Southern Region’ the SRA collaborated with Smart City Consultants Bable GmbH and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) to offer training to Local Authorities on how to practically apply smart principles into their work going forward. The training was well attended by the Local Authorities across the region. The training included presentations from Smart Dublin and Smart Belfast on learnings from their ‘Smart’ journey.