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  • Final Conference for the FIRESPOL Project


    It has been universally acknowledged that climate action remains the greatest challenge we face. The Irish Government has identified ‘Climate Change as the most important long-term challenge facing Ireland’. Doing nothing is not an option, we all have a have a critical role to play in achieving the ambitious climate action targets and the SRA through their work hope to inspire action across the region. 

    To address this challenge at a regional level the Southern Regional Assembly are partners on the Interreg Europe funded FIRESPOL project to gain insight from other European Regions on innovative financial solutions for renewable energy investment. Through our involvement on the project, we are exploring the opportunity of establishing a ‘Renewable Energy Investment Forum’ for the Southern Region. This forum would provide an ongoing mechanism to discuss, explore and make recommendations on the use of innovative financial instruments supporting renewable energy investment in the region.

    To hear more about this work and other inspiring actions from the project partners please join us on the morning of the 15th March for the final project conference.

    You can find the agenda here. Book your place here