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    The Southern Regional Assembly is the Irish partner in an Interreg Europe Project called Blue Green City.  The project started in August 2019 with a total budget of €1,348,909. It includes partners from France, Croatia, Germany, Hungry, Sweden, UK, Italy and Romania. The Lead Partner is the Metropolis Nice Côte d’Azur based in Nice, France.


    The project aims to promote green and blue infrastructures as an integral part of a local/regional natural heritage preservation strategy.

    Blue Green City seeks to increase awareness and knowledge of the concept of ecosystem services and of the value of green and blue infrastructure through project events such as workshops and training sessions. This will be accomplished through a process of interregional learning and strong collaboration in finding common solutions to common challenges posed by climate change, in particular by sharing experience and exchanging good practices.

    It is within this context that Blue Green City aligns with the EU Green Infrastructure Strategy and with the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy, referring to the important role that green and blue infrastructures play in protecting, conserving and enhancing the EU’s natural capital, by providing functional ecological connectivity between cities and peri-urban protected areas.


    • Development of 7 Action Plans
    • Organization of study visits, thematic seminars, training meetings and an Interregional peer-review workshop
    • Communication and dissemination events


    • The improvement of public funds allocation (structural funds mainly but also other funds) directly related to the main outputs (Action Plans)
    • The development of best practice recommendations for improving Policy instruments that promote the value of GBI as an integral part of a local or regional natural heritage preservation strategy
    • The improvement of the relation between the local citizens and its political representatives

    Project Contacts

    Bryan Riney Rob Fennelly & Dominic Walsh - Regional Planners, Southern Regional Assembly

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