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ROBIN Past Events
  • ROBIN’S Kick-off Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece


    On the 26th and 27th of September 2022, the ROBIN partners met in Thessaloniki in Greece to officially kick start the project and discuss the next steps for its successful deployment! With Q-PLAN coordinating this Horizon Europe project, ROBIN – “Deploying circular BIOeconomies at the Regional level with a territorial approach” (Grant Agreement no: 101060504) has set the stage to empower and fulfil the role of European regional authorities to use social innovative techniques and shape their governance structures within the frame of circular bioeconomy.


    13 partners from 5 European countries will set up Multi-Actor Regional Constellations in 5 pilot regions: the region of Central Macedonia in Greece, the region of Zilina in Slovakia, the Southern Region of Ireland, the region of Andalusia in Spain, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany. In these regions, they will co-create novel governance structures and deploy circular bioeconomy strategies. ROBIN will provide a practical toolbox to the regions in order to improve the operation and monitoring of their future bioeconomy models. Also, it will provide them with tailored support for enhanced stakeholder engagement in collaboration with the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI-CSO).


    Stay tuned to find out how ROBIN will pave the way for deploying regional circular bioeconomy strategies with a territorial approach!


  • ROBIN's 2nd Project Meeting in Seville, Spain

    On the 14th of March 2023, ROBIN’s partners met in Seville, Spain for the 2nd project meeting. The event was hosted by project partners The Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) and Junta de Andalucía at the Agricultural Ministry of Junta de Andalucía. This meeting offered partners the opportunity to review the project’s progress to date.

    The project’s team had the chance to virtually meet the Advisory Board who outlined their skills and expertise that will contribute to the success of ROBIN. Next, the task leaders presented their work so far which led to discussions about the unique insights gained from the research carried out. Partners from regional authorities then presented on their regions and the meeting concluded with looking forward to the next phase of ROBIN and its execution.

    CTA leads the next group of activities, where novel circular bioeconomy governance models will be co-created and insights from mutual learning events will be collected. These co-creation workshops will take place over the coming months.

    The ROBIN project offers a unique collaboration between leading bioeconomy research institutes and regional authorities to empower Europe’s regions to adapt their governance models and structures.

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  • ROBIN Southern Region Co-creation Workshop in MTU, Cork

    The Southern Region Co-creation Workshop took place on May 10th in Munster Technological University (MTU), Cork. The event was hosted by the project’s Irish Partners - MTU and the Southern Regional Assembly and attending the workshop were 11 bioeconomy experts from academia, government, industry and civil society, some of whom are already stakeholders within the project.


    After introducing the project and giving a brief overview of the bioeconomy in the region, our experts completed a SWOT analysis and helped us identify opportunities and barriers of the bioeconomy of the Southern Region.


    This led into the main aim of our workshop where we worked on completing the Circular Bioeconomy Governance Model Canvas by diagnosing the bioeconomy of the region. Our attendees provided their opinions and ideas while working through the Canvas, as well as providing valuable feedback on the tool’s development.


    The co-creation workshop helped to identify key insights that will provide content for ROBIN’s next step- The ROBIN toolbox development. This online toolbox will include valuable knowledge on how to deploy regional bioeconomy governance models.


  • ROBIN’s 3RD Project Meeting in Cork, Ireland

    ROBIN partners gathered in Cork from October 4th to October 6th for ROBIN’s 3rd project meeting in Munster Technological University (MTU). The two-day meeting played a crucial role in ROBIN’s development and set the ground for the project’s second year, which involves developing Regional Action Plans and testing them in each pilot region.

    During the meeting, all team members discussed updates related to co-creating governance models and structures, as part of our second work package tasks. Additionally, MTU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), and QPLAN presented the first draft of the ROBIN toolbox.

    The ROBIN Toolbox will include:

    • The Knowledge Platform (Regional Governance Models and Good Governance Practices)
    • The ROBIN Tools (Circular Bioeconomy Governance Model Canvas, Policy Monitoring System, Environmental Protection Tool)
    • The Support Actions Portfolio


    Continuing the Toolbox discussion, each pilot region presented the governance models and practices that had been co-created in the previous months, along with Andalusia Technology Corporation’s (CTA) portfolio of support actions for regional capacity building.

    To shape and finalise the Regional Action Plans, outlining the specific support actions to be offered in each region, a cross-fertilisation workshop among ROBIN partners was held. Each regional team briefly discussed their planned support actions, and the ROBIN consortium provided valuable feedback. Regional teams are expected to finalise their support actions by the end of November when they will proceed with the setup and operation of their co-created governance models.

    On the second day, BIOPRO presented their plan to elaborate on tailored strategies for guiding the testing and validation of the ROBIN toolbox. This includes engaging stakeholders in testing and validating the toolbox through regional governance structures, as well as fine-tuning it based on collected feedback.

    The PEDAL team, responsible for monitoring activities, summarized the evaluation process and outlined the next steps in monitoring and assessing the project’s outcomes and impacts. They also discussed the exchange of best practices and lessons learned among the targeted regions.

    Updates on dissemination, exploitation, communication, and project management activities were also discussed, with ROBIN’s coordinator, QPLAN, presenting the next key steps and timeframe for ROBIN’s deployment.

    ROBIN will continue to advance regional bioeconomies, so stay tuned for the next developments in the Regional Action Plans!