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    The Interact programme’s mission is to support more than 100 Interreg programmes managing thousands of cooperation projects throughout Europe. To help them successfully navigate the Interreg world, Interact provides advice, organise learning events and has developed a wide range of tools.   

    Interreg is an initiative specifically dedicated to helping European regions work together to find solutions to common economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. There are more than 100 Interreg programmes managing thousands of cooperation projects throughout Europe who are dealing with these issues.

    The Interact programme’s specific mission is to support these programmes in their daily work. So to help them successfully navigate the Interreg world, Interact provide advice, organise learning events and develop a wide range of tools on:

    • How to manage a European cooperation programme or project and comply with EU rules on finance and controls
    • How to communicate funding opportunities, as well as programme and project results
    • How to use new cooperation tools.

    Interact also harmonise processes to help programmes work more efficiently and to make the life of project applicants easier. They act as a hub to allow programmes to exchange experiences and network. Finally, they constantly explore and encourage innovative ways of cooperating in Europe by supporting macro-regional and sea basin strategies as well as legal structures and initiatives to facilitate cooperation activities.

    These services are provided free of charge to all Interreg stakeholders: managing authorities, joint secretariats, monitoring committees, national contact points, first level controllers, certifying authorities, and audit authorities. They also collaborate closely with EU-wide, national and regional cooperation organisations, institutions and networks.


    Interact is one of the Interreg programmes – which are financed under the European Territorial Cooperation goal of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

    Four Interact Offices deliver zone and EU-wide services:

    • Interact Office Turku, Finland
    • Interact Office Valencia, Spain
    • Interact Office Viborg, Denmark
    • Interact Office Vienna, Austria

    Overall programme coordination is ensured by the Interact Secretariat and the Managing Authority located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    The Certifying Authority and the Audit Authority are also based in Slovakia, Bratislava.

    The Monitoring Committee (MC) consists of the 28 Member States, Norway and Switzerland.


    Interact is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by the 28 EU member states, Norway and Switzerland, and has a total budget of 46,3 million EUR for the 2014-2020 period (85% ERDF funding and 15% national contributions). Beneficiaries and financial allocation of the Cooperation Programme Interact 2014-2020 are listed here.


    Interact I (2002-2006) primarily focused on the immediate needs to support the Interreg initiative. It provided support for the implementation of the three strands of Interreg (Cross-border, Transnational and Interregional programmes) to increase efficiency, effectiveness and quality. Unlike the current programme, Interact funded projects to develop local and regional initiatives and contribute to the development of the institutions involved in Interreg.

    Interact II (2007-2013) went on to support the Interreg community as well as IPA and ENPI CBC programmes (EU external borders). In order to do so, Interact resorted to harmonised tools (HIT, eMS, KEEP, European Cooperation Day, Interreg branding) and innovative ways of cooperation such as macro-regional strategies.

    Interact III (2014-2020) goes in line with the new requirements of the Interreg initiative striving towards a more result-oriented approach. The focus of the current programme is on thematic objective 11 – namely, Capacity Building – with three specific objectives:

    • improve the management capacity of Interreg programmes
    • improve the Interreg capacity in capturing/communicating project results
    • improve the implementation of new ways of cooperation

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