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Interreg North-West Europe

    Interreg North West Europe is an EU co-funded interregional cooperation programme under European Territorial Cooperation, running from 2021-27.

    The Programme encourages public, private, scientific and civil society organisations to cooperate in order to improve the economic, environmental, social and territorial development of Europe's regions.

    It has a budget of over €310 million ERDF to contribute to projects across the programme area, which covers seven countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

    What does it support?

    Interreg North-West Europe 2021-27 focuses on five main funding priorities or themes, each of which is sub-divided into Specific Objectives:

    • Climate and environment​
    • Energy transition​
    • Circular Economy​
    • Innovation and resilience​
    • ​Inclusive society


    All factsheets are available here. for each SO with a summary of the territorial challenges and opportunities, objectives, target groups, activities, and results.

    Who can apply?

    A wide range of public and private (non-profit and profit) organisations can apply for NWE funding incl. national, regional and local authorities, universities, Research & Development centres, SMEs and business support organisations, sectoral associations, NGOs, lobby organisations and citizens groups.

    Projects should bring together at least three partners from three different countries (often more) of which two need to be from within the NWE Programme area.

    Keep informed, find partners

    • Get first advice and support from the National Contact Point.
    • Browse project ideas, find partners at the Online Community forum.
    • Sign up to Interreg NWE Irish partners mailing list – your key words will allow the National Contact Point to “find” you if approached by an international consortium looking for an Irish partner in an area of expertise relevant to you. You will also receive newsletter updates for Ireland.
    • Click here to sign up for Joint Secretariat newsletter mailing list, covering all countries.


    Open Calls and Project Examples

    Find open calls and view successful project examples at https://www.nweurope.eu/  and SRA’s call monitor page: http://www.southernassembly.ie/eu-calls-monitor 


    Interreg North West Europe Call 4

    If you missed the Interreg NWE call 4 info session on 1st February 2024, you can watch the Webinar below.


    ‍‍National Contact Point in Ireland

    Southern Regional Assembly hosts the Interreg NWE National Contact Point in Ireland which supports Irish entities to get involved in consortia, make matches, and get your ideas funded.

    Contact Sarah Davoren: sdavoren@southernassembly.ie