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Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020

    The Southern Regional Assembly is a Programme Partner for the Ireland Wales Programme 2014-2020.  

    The Ireland Wales 2014-2020 European Territorial Co-operation (ETC) Programme is a maritime programme connecting organisations, businesses and communities on the West coast of Wales with the South and East coasts of Ireland.

    The Programme is one of a family of ETC programmes which provide opportunities for regions in the EU to work together to address common economic, environmental, and social challenges.  

    The Ireland Wales Programme focuses on seeking solutions to shared challenges on both sides of the Irish sea, to improve the economic and sustainable development priorities of Wales and Ireland.

    The Programme has three Priorities: 

    • Cross border innovation -to increase the intensity of knowledge transfer collaborations involving research organisations and SME’s in line with the shared priorities of the smart specialisation strategies.
    • Adaptation of the Irish Sea and Coastal Communities to Climate Change- to increase capacity and knowledge of Climate Change Adaptation for the Irish Sea and coastal communities.
    • Cultural and Natural Resources and Heritage- to sustainably realise the potential of natural and cultural assets in increasing visitor numbers to coastal communities in the Programme area.


    The Welsh Government manages the Programme with partners, the Southern Regional Assembly (SRA) and the Department for Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER).

    The overall value of the Programme is €100m (€79m ERDF).  The co-financing rate is 80% with the partners supplying the remaining 20%.

    Organisations from the public, private and third sector can apply to the Programme.  Projects must involve at least one partner organisation from Wales and one from Ireland. 

    The Programme operates an open call system, so if you have an idea for a project involving Welsh and Irish partners, please contact us to discuss your idea.

    Further information on the Ireland Wales 2014-2020 Programme can be found by following the link below:


    Enquiries about new Project ideas, or any matters related to the new Programme Period, can be sent to Development Officers for the Programme Marie Harnett at mharnett@southernassembly.ie or to Breda Curran at bcurran@southernassembly.ie

    Marie Harnett 

    353 (0) 51 318106

    or Breda Curran 

    353 (0) 51 318101

    Dŵr Uisce is a project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland Wales Co-operation programme 2014-2020.  Dwr Uisce stands for 'Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy'.  Improving the efficiency of water distribution in Ireland and Wales is at the core of the project ethos. This will be achieved by developing new low carbon, energy-saving technologies and services.

    DWR Uisce Newsletter

    More detail on the programme is available here: http://irelandwales.eu/