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MARIE Partner Meeting in Athens May 2022

MARIE Partner Meeting in Athens May 2022

MARIE is back!!

The MARIE project was awarded additional funding to continue its important work under call-5 of the Interreg Europe Programme, the aim of which is to provide new opportunities to our approved project to exchange experiences on the way the COVID-19 crisis impacts the issue they address and to further improve regional development policies to better face the current challenges.

To discuss this MARIE partners have been working with the OECD in a series of activities to understand if S3s (Smart Specialisation Strategies) in the partner regions are transforming into S4s (S3 for sustainable and inclusive growth) and to define a practical, common methodology for measurement. This extends to sustainable and inclusive growth in aligned regional innovation policy such as the RSES (Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy) for the Southern Region. Following two online masterclasses guided by the OECD and experts in the area partners finally got to meet in person on May 12th for the first time in over two years in the beautiful city of Athens.

The morning’s discussion was a spotlight on the RSES to focus on Regional Monitoring of Place Based Innovation Strategy where Assistant Director Kevin Lynch and Regional Planning Officer Bryan Riney gave an update on the RSES implementation and the recently developed Regional Development Monitor. Partners were than invited to discuss their experiences in how to establish indicators that will help measure the impact on the citizen. Following this Robert Fennelly, Regional Planning Officer, gave partners an overview of the pioneering work the SRA are doing on establishing a Smart Southern Region and how this ambition can assist us in our objective of ‘leaving no-one behind’. An animated discussion on whether successful approaches to good planning and regeneration are inherently smart and how do we disrupt the rural and non-urban places in a responsible manner.

Work on these topics will continue throughout 2022.

Research & Innovation responding to societal needs is all the more relevant in the current crisis. The MARIE project is one of the first to provide a path to take RRI from a concept to embedding it in public policy.

The Southern Regional Assembly as a partner in the MARIE project is seeking to improve regional public policy that supports delivery of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in design, production and distribution of innovation in Smart Specialisation Sectors (S3). Policy changes within the project are expected to lead to a greater awareness of the socio-economic benefits of responsibility, to prevent the negative impact and create a better quality of life.

This work is part of activities funded under the 5th call of Interreg Europe. To find out more about MARIE here.

For further information please contact the Southern Regional Assembly:

Project Contact: Karen Coughlan, EU Projects Officer

Email: kcoughlan@southernassembly.ie

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