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Regional Development Monitor Launch

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Regional Development Monitor Launch

The Regional Assemblies, tasked through the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for each of the three regions to deliver the ambition for regional development set out in Project Ireland 2040 and the National Planning Framework, are pleased to announce the launch of the Regional Development Monitor by Minister Peter Burke today.

The Regional Development Monitor (RDM) is a significant new planning innovation in Ireland developed through a Strategic Partnership between the three Regional Assemblies and the All Island Research Observatory (AIRO) & Ordinance Survey Ireland (OSI) (GeoHive) to provide a monitoring system and an online mapping viewer for key indicators of progress towards Balanced Regional Development.

RDM Indicators are focused on Key Regional Strategic Outcomes and related socio-economic and environmental data sources across 4 themes:

  • Our People and Place
  • Our Green and Sustainable Future
  • Our Region’s Economy
  • An All-Island Perspective

The RDM will support the future implementation of the RSES, the NPF and Project Ireland 2040 and provides an active on-line resource of up to date data with regular updates to local authorities, public agencies, academia and the general public.

Significantly, the Elected Members of each Regional Assembly have given their full backing to this initiative. Cllr. Pip Breen, of the Southern Regional Assembly, speaking on behalf of all 3 Regional Assemblies said:

“The endorsement of this project by Assembly Members is a strong signal of intent of the commitment of each Regional Assembly to achieving balanced regional development. The more informed we are about our socio-economic and environmental data, the better we are able to focus our actions and public investment and achieve progress for each Region and for local communities”

David Kelly, Director of the Southern Regional Assembly, said:

“The 3 Regional Assemblies are delighted to launch the Regional Development Monitor today with our partners AIRO and the OSI. We believe the RDM to be an innovative new planning tool that will make a significant contribution to Evidenced Based Policy Making and Evaluation as well as collating and providing useful data to local authorities, public agencies and for the public. This initiative will also support the future implementation of the RSES in each Region, the NPF and Project Ireland 2040”.

For more information on the RDM click here

For information on the RSES click here

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