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MATCH-UP – Cycling Cities

MATCH-UP – Cycling Cities

The MATCH-UP project aims to improve low carbon interchanges at local level to improve public transport by learning from our Interregional partners.

The Southern Regional Assembly is delighted to participate in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform Cycling Cites webinar Series.  In particular, we are looking forward to the opportunity to share with you the Transport Infrastructure Ireland good practice: Cycle and Ride Infrastructure Associated with the Luas Light Rail.    

Simon Hunkin,  Interreg Europe, Thematic Expert believes “This practice demonstrates infrastructure development for encouraging cycling and multi-modal transport by improving cycling links with Dublin’s tram network. The most transferable aspect of the practice is the initial stage; reviewing the existing situation and identifying highest impact changes based on the input from users and passengers. Building cycle parking and lockers at tram stops, and improving cycle lanes are relatively low-cost interventions, but have a clear impact in contributing to cycling uptake.”

This good practice along with other good practices from the Interregional Project Partners of the MATCH-UP Interreg Europe Project inspired the Southern Regional Assembly to develop a framework and methodology for a “10 Minute Town Concept” to ensure all essential services are accessible within a 10 minute walk or cycle in all the key towns in Southern Ireland.

Kevin Lynch, Assistant Director, Southern Regional Assembly stated that “The recent publication by the SRA of the 10 Minute Towns Accessibility and Framework Report is an excellent example of RSES implementation in operation and how learning from other EU Regions can support implementation.  This work, in co-ordination with the EU Interreg Europe MATCH-UP project, delivers a toolkit for Local Authorities and other stakeholders to encourage and assist the practical application of access to essential amenities within a 10-minute walk/cycle in our towns and urban areas. The framework addresses the implementation of an important objective (RSES RPO 176 10 Minute City and Town Concepts) contained in the recently published Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Southern Region (RSES) and is an important early step in encouraging the transformative change required to deliver on the principals of a  Greener and more Liveable region underpinning the RSES and the National Planning Framework. The framework is now in place as a resource to assist Local Authorities, NTA, TII and other stakeholders to develop initiatives and projects. The action assists a pathway to achieve this concept over the short, medium and longer terms and shows how a focused action can achieve a positive tangible outcome and assist our stakeholders meaningfully.”

The framework and methodology was developed through an assessment of 3 Key Towns in the Southern Region – Carlow, Tralee and Ennis with the support and assistance of Carlow County Council, Kerry County Council and Clare County Council.  The use of this implementation tool will assist all local authorities with fully integrating the “10 Minute Town Concept” into to future Local Development Plans to increase the use of sustainable transport and reduce carbon emissions in the Southern Region.  

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MATCH-UP, a four and a half-year, 5-partners project was approved for a grant of €0.9m by the Interreg Europe Programme  and commenced in July 2018 at a meeting in Bologna. The partnership consists of 4 European regions - Southern & Eastern Ireland, County of Northeim, Germany, Municipality of Funchal, Portugal and Timisoara Municipality, Romania who are working together to share experience, solutions, and good practice to develop and deliver better public policy to reduce carbon emissions and support low carbon urban mobility in designated urban centres.

MATCH-UP is part-funded by the Interreg Europe Programme through the European Regional Development Fund and led by the University of Bologna in Italy. 

For more about the MATCH-UP project go to - www.interregeurope.eu/match-up/


Southern Regional Assembly, Waterford, Ireland

Ms. Rose Power, EU Projects Officer, rpower@southernassembly.ie

Project Co-ordinator


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