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Draft RSES

Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for The Southern Region

This process is now closed.  The RSES has been made and is available here.  Submissions to the two public consultation periods can be downloaded here.

The Southern Regional Assembly published the Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for The Southern Region in December 2018. This followed formal Pre-Draft RSES consultation and engagement with the public, stakeholders, government departments and local authorities that informed the formulation of the Draft RSES. The draft itself was the subject of public consultation from December2018 until March 2019 and during this time, the Regional Assembly engaged in extensive consultation, including online, local media, public meetings and events.

The submissions received were considered by the Assembly at its May meeting  (10 May 2019) and it was agreed to adopt the RSES subject to amendments. It was deemed that a number of amendments were material and as such, would require further public display in accordance with the requirements of section 24(8) of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2018 and it was determined that SEA and AA were required in relation to these amendments.

The Proposed Material Amendments and associated Environmental Reports are now published for public consultation. The consultation period is from 12th September 2019 until 11th October 2019, (inclusive).

  • The Proposed Material Amendments Document and associated Environmental Report which are part of the current formal consultation process are located at the beginning of the series below.
  • The methods and opportunities to engage with the consultation processes are given in the Proposed Material Amendment Document and in the copy of the public notice.
  • The Proposed Material Amendments should be read in conjunction with the Draft RSES.
  • The website also contains the relevant documents used to inform the strategy to date and they can be viewed below.

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Director’s Report on Draft RSES Consultation April 2019view
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Regional Flood Risk Appraisal Reportview
Director’s Report on Proposed Material Amendments November 2019view