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10 Minute Towns Concept

10 Minute Towns

The Southern Regional Assembly joined the Interreg Europe MATCH-UP project in 2018 to learn from other European regions how to improve our regional policies to increase the use of sustainable transport modes and reduce carbon emissions.

Following learnings from the MATCH-UP partners, we focused our policy improvement on the Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy – in particular Regional Policy Objective 176 on the 10 Minute Town Concept.

The 10 Minute Town Concept seeks to have all community facilities and services accessible within a 10 minute walk or cycle from homes or are accessible by public transport services connecting people to larger scaled settlements. We commissioned ARUP to assist in designing a framework and methodology to be used by local authorities as an implementation tool under the RSES for their Key Towns.

The framework and methodology were developed through an assessment  of 3 Key Towns in the Southern Region – Carlow, Tralee and Ennis.  The use of this implementation tool will assist all local authorities with fully integrating the “10 Minute Town Concept” into to future Local Development Plans and increase the use of sustainable transport and reduce carbon emissions in the Southern Region.  

Visit MATCH-UP and the Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy for more information.

10 Minute Towns presentation
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