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Smart and Sustainable Mobility Accelerator

Smart & Sustainable Mobility Accelerator (SSMA): Building Capacity for Action in our Regions.

The Southern Regional Assembly (SRA), with the support of the Department of Transport is the managing authority on behalf of the Southern, Eastern and Midland and Northern and Western Regional Assemblies to develop and deliver a Pathfinder Project Smart & Sustainable Mobility Accelerator (SSMA): Building Capacity for Action in our Regions.

The SSMA project is a training, education and capacity building workshop programme to support Local Authorities and Stakeholders in each of the three Regions to design and implement smart and sustainable mobility projects under the National Sustainable Mobility Policy (SMP) Action Plan 2022-2025.

The SRA has procured a consortium of international and national specialists (lead consultants are BABLE GmbH) to design and deliver a “learning into practice” mentoring workshop series.

At its core, the SSMA Programme aims to increase knowledge, competencies, and understanding of sustainable and smart mobility at local and regional government levels through offering a comprehensive capacity building and mentoring programme, empowering participants to take effective actions for sustainable mobility.

An innovation achieved through the SSMA Pathfinder Project is the development of an online platform named the Sustainable Mobility Academy, a repository of knowledge, showcasing case studies, project outcomes, and ongoing advancements across all Local Authorities within each Region for active travel and sustainable mobility.

A link to the Sustainable Mobility Academy is at:



This SSMA Programme and Sustainable Mobility Academy are transformative initiatives for the implementation of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region, progressing Regional Policy Objectives for Sustainable Mobility and a  Low Carbon Region. The project has also been included as an action of the national Climate Action Plan 2023.

More information on the SSMA Programme and Sustainable Mobility Academy can be found on the links to documents below.

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