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Committee of the Regions
Committee of the Regions

Established in 1994, the Committee of the Regions an EU advisory body and political assembly of 350 local and regional elected representatives from all EU countries.

It is the voice of our regions and cities in the EU law making process. It advises on new laws that have an impact on regions and cities – comprising 70% of all EU legislation - and meets six times per year to debate proposed legislation and agree on resolutions for further action by the EU. 

Six thematic commissions prepare the opinions of the CoR in response to new legislation proposed by the European Commission. The thematic commissions then submit draft versions of opinions and resolutions for discussion and adoption at every plenary session.

  • CIVEX: Citizenship, Governance, Institutional & External Affairs
  • COTER: Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy & EU Budget
  • ECON: Economic policy
  • ENVE: Environment, Climate Change & Energy
  • NAT: Natural Resources

Ireland is represented by 9 delegates (9 full members and 9 alternates) representing the local and regional tiers of Irish government in EU policy formation and decision-making processes.  They are nominated by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

Representatives from the Southern Region are Cllr Michael MurphyCllr. Kieran McCarthyCllr. Deirdre FordeCllr Conor D. McGuinness (alternate), Cllr Gillian Coughlan (alternate) and  Cllr. Dan Boyle (alternate).  They are also Members of the Southern Regional Assembly due to their representative role on the Committee of the Regions. 

Committee of the Regions Member
Local Authority
CoR Political Group
Thematic Commission
Cllr. Michael Murphy
Tipperary County Council
European People's Party
Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External affairs; Commission for Economic Policy
Cllr. Kieran McCarthy
Cork City Council
European Alliance
Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy; Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment and Culture
Cllr. Deirdre Forde
Cork City Council
European People's Party
Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy; Commission for Economic Policy
Cllr. Conor D McGuiness (Alternate)
Waterford City & County Council
Not Affiliated
Not Affiliated
Cllr. Gillian Coughlan  (Alternate)
Cork County Council
Renew Europe
Not Affiliated
Cllr. Dan Boyle  (Alternate)
Cork City Council
The Greens
Not Affiliated

For further information visit: https://cor.europa.eu/en