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    The Horizon Europe funded ROBIN project aims to empower Europe’s regions to adapt their governance models and structures in ways that accelerate the achievement of their circular bioeconomy targets while promoting social innovation and accounting for different regional contexts.

    The Southern Regional Assembly and Munster Technological University’s Circular Bioeconomy Research Group (CircBio) have joined forces as the Irish partners for the Southern Region on ROBIN

    Running from September 2022 until 2025, ROBIN will allow us to learn from and share knowledge with other European regions and partners, including Greece, Spain, Germany and Slovakia, about their bioeconomy regional structures and strategies.

    What is the bioeconomy?

    The bioeconomy covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources (animals, plants, micro-organisms and derived biomass including organic waste), their functions and principals.

    How will ROBIN support regions?

    ROBIN will support 5 regions across Europe to:

    • Adapt their governance models to support the scaling up of bio-based value chains of their ecosystem.
    • Exploit existing knowledge from earlier work and knowhow in bioeconomy policy and social innovation.
    • Network and source knowledge from peers and consort with the European Commission’s Circular Cities and Regions Initiative’s Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO)

    How will ROBIN achieve this?

    5 steps to innovative circular bioeconomy governance structures and models in the ROBIN regions:

    Step 1 Set the scene on regional bioeconomy governance models

    Step 2 Co-create regional governance models and structures

    Step 3 Set up and validate the ROBIN toolbox

    Step 4 Monitor and evaluate results- share best practices

    Step 5 Communicate and deploy synergies

    Multi-Actor Regional Constellations (MARCs)

    ROBIN partners will identify and establish regional stakeholder representatives to make up the Multi Actor Regional Constellations (MARCs) for the project.

    MARCs will provide their expertise on the needs and challenges that the ROBIN regions are currently facing as well as provide meaningful feedback on the project’s ideas, pilot actions and activity outcomes.

    Project contact:

    Rebecca Walsh - EU Projects Officer, Southern Regional Assembly

    Phone : +353 (0) 87 784 3109

    E-mail: rwalsh@southernassembly.ie


    Funded by the European Union