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Regional Planning
Regional Planning

The Southern Region

Under the Local Government Reform Act 2014, the Southern Regional Assembly assumed a number of new functions -  chief among these is the preparation and implementation of the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region.

The RSES is a link between the forthcoming National Planning Framework, the City & County Development Plans and the Local Economic & Community Plans. Through this process the Assembly is centrally involved in the formulation of policies geared towards achieving a greater dispersal of economic growth and development throughout the Region.

To ensure that all City & County Development Plans are consistent with the RSES and relevant national policy, draft plans or proposed variations to development plans are referred by the relevant local authority to the Regional Assembly.

Following the preparation of a new draft development plan, or a proposed variation to an existing plan, the Regional Assembly will consider whether the draft is consistent with the RSES and can issue formal recommendations to the relevant local authority where necessary.

The Assembly is a prescribed body under the Planning Acts which means that it must be consulted on certain strategic infrastructural proposals.  When assessing such proposals, the Assembly has regard to the general welfare, strategic planning and sustainable development requirements of the Region.

This means it takes into account the physical, economic, social, demographic, infrastructural and environmental situation of the region. Under the Act, the Assembly must seek to protect or improve the region’s environment, its heritage, amenity and cultural resources.

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Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy Consultation

Regional Planning



Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy Consultation

The Regional Assembly has published Proposed Material Amendments & Associated Environmental reports to the Draft RSES for The Southern Region for public consultation. For full details on…
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