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Southern Regional Assembly

Established in 2015 under the Local Government Reform Act 2014 and part of the Local Government Sector, the Southern Regional Assembly is part of the regional tier of government in Ireland. It has a remit for the Southern Region, one of three in Ireland which were established in 2015 as the regional tier of government. It incorporates three Strategic Planning Areas, also known as NUTS III regions for the purposes of EU funding, and ten local authority areas: the South-East - Carlow, Tipperary*, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny; the South-West - Cork City, Cork County, Kerry; and the Mid-West - Clare, Limerick, Tipperary*.

The Assembly forges links between the EU, and national and local levels through Regional Spatial and Economic Planning and European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) for the benefit of the Southern Region and beyond. 

The Southern Region is represented by 33 local councillors who are appointed as Members of the Regional Assembly for a 5-year term - 27 by their constituent local authorities, and 6 as Committee of the Regions representatives.

The Members meet monthly to discuss issues related to regional planning; submissions to local authorities, national government, and the EU; EU programme management and project benefits; and other statutory functions of their Assembly.  They also sit on committees related to monitoring EU programme management and regional planning.

Regional & Spatial Planning

The Assembly has a regional role in linking local and national policy goals, primarily through regional, spatial and economic planning through the implementation of the RSES for the Southern Region. It has an oversight role of the Region's Local Authority Plans and participates in regional economic fora.  

ERDF Regional Operational Programmes

The Assembly is the Managing Authority for the Southern & Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2014-20 which supports new and continuing research, SME competitiveness, ICT infrastructure, the low carbon economy and sustainable urban development through co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The Assembly will also manage the 2021-27 Regional Programme, with collaboration from the Eastern & Midland Regional Assembly.

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)

The Assembly has a role in the European Territorial Co-operation (ETC) programmes, also known as Interreg, which is co-funded by the ERDF. The Assembly is a Programme Partner for the Ireland Wales Programme 2014-20. It is a designated Contact Point for Interreg North West Europe  and INTERREG EUROPE , and it operates the First Level Control function which audits EU funding claims for Irish partners participating in ETC programmes.  The Assembly represents the Irish Member State on ETC programme monitoring committees.

EU Projects

The Assembly established an EU Project’s Unit to develop and deliver better policy for the Southern Region. Our participation in EU projects aims to facilitate access to a wealth of knowledge from other EU regions to develop better policy solutions to common regional challenges and leadership in sustainable economic, social and environmental development to benefit the Southern Region.

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