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Southern Regional Assembly

The Southern Regional Assembly

The Southern Regional Assembly was established on 1st January 2015 under the Local Government Reform Act 2014 with a remit for the Southern Region of Ireland.

The Assembly has a role in linking local with national policy goals through regional planning and the roll out of the RSES for the Southern Region.  The Assembly also has a remit for the promotion and support for balanced regional development through the management of EU programmes under the European Structural & Investment Funds. The Assembly also forges links between spatial and economic planning and EU funding for the benefit of the Southern Region.

Thirty-three Councillors are appointed to the Assembly for the Southern Region, 27 from constituent local authorities and 6 as members of the Committee of the Regions. While not directly elected to the Assembly, Members are nominated by their local authority for a 5-year term. They are supported by the Assembly and meet on the second Friday of the month in Waterford.

The Southern Regional Assembly
The Southern Region of Ireland

The Southern Region

South-East: Carlow, Tipperary*, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny

South-West: Cork, Kerry

Mid-West: Clare, Limerick, Tipperary*

*Former N. Tipperary is in the Mid-West area and former S. Tipperary is in the South-East area while the whole County is part of the Southern Region. Due to the strong linkages between N. Tipperary and Limerick and the S. Tipperary and Waterford, the 3 Tipperary Assembly Members are part of both the Mid-West and South-East Strategic Planning Areas.

Regional Planning

The Assembly has a regional role in linking local and national policy goals, primarily through the roll out of the RSES for the Southern Region and has oversight of the Local Authority Plans and participates in regional economic fora.  The Assembly also has a key role of reporting on aspects of local authority performance at the request of the National Oversight & Audit Commission.

S&E Regional Programme 2014-20

The Assembly is the Managing Authority for the Southern & Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2014-20.  The Regional Programme focuses on five main themes of intervention, Strengthening RTDI, ICT Infrastructure, SME Competitiveness, Low Carbon Economy, and Sustainable Urban Development. 

The Programme's Monitoring Committee meets annually to review the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the themes under the Programme and the Regional Assembly provides the Chair and Secretariat for the Committee. The Assembly receives funding from the Irish Exchequer and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to carry out its functions as the Managing Authority for the Programme.

The Assembly & Interreg

The Assembly has a role in the European Territorial Co-operation programmes, also known as Interreg - part of the EU's Cohesion Policy and co-funded by the ERDF.  The Assembly’s role ranges from programme management to acting as Contact Point or providing the First Level Control (financial audit) function.

The Assembly is a Programme Partner for the Ireland Wales Programme 2014-20 which is managed by the Welsh Government. 

The Assembly is the designated Contact Point and provides the first level financial control function for the Interreg North West Europe Programme.  

We are also involved in the Atlantic Area, the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme and INTERREG EUROPE Programme , as Contact Point and First Level Control.

The Assembly also participates in a number of Interreg Europe projects on topics of relevance and benefit to the Southern Region. 

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