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Regional Development Monitor
Regional Development Monitor (RDM) Hub

The Regional Development Monitor (RDM) Hub is a collaborative project between the three Regional Assemblies in Ireland, the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at Maynooth University and spatial infrastructure partners the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI) via the GeoHive platform.

The aim of the RDM Hub is to collate and visualise a range of relevant socio-economic and environmental indicators to present the performance of each of the three regions in terms of achieving the objectives outlined in their respective Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES). The RDM provides a series of new national mapping and visualisation infrastructures to assist Government Departments, Regional Assemblies, Local Authorities, Planners, Policy Makers, Researchers and members of the public in gaining a greater insight into social, economic and environmental trends to aid better decision making.

The RDM will focus on indicators related to the Regional Strategic Outcomes (RSOs) of the RSESs along with their appropriate socio-economic and environmental variables and will be categorised into four key principles: Our People and Places, Our Green & Sustainable Future, Our Region's Economy, and an All-Island Perspective.