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    SRA Regional Action Plan MatchUP Final Version February 2021



    MATCH-UP's overall objective is to embed multimodal mobility strategies into the Project Partner's policy instruments to make low-carbon means of transport more competitive, more suitable, more comfortable than the private motorised vehicles.

    This will be done by:

    • defining design requirements for passenger-friendly interchanges modes
    • defining organisational, structural, technological requirements of transport services for managing and co-ordinating the interchange
    • developing tools and methods to assess different policies and design scenarios and to define the priority level of multimodal actions.

    How will MATCH-UP do it?

    The interregional and multilevel exchange of experience process will increase skills and knowledge among policy makers influencing their capacity to promote new initiatives toward sustainable mobility. This will be done through staff exchanges,site visits and the involvement of local stakeholders.

    Why MATCH-UP?

    With increasing levels of air pollution, CO2 emissions and traffic congestion in the EU the development of sustainable multimodal mobility becomes one of the EU key challenges. Therefore, intergrated strategies are needed to enhance an effective modal interchange and a higher integration bewteen land use and transport planning processes.

    MATCH-UP focuses on the optimisation of the places,where people change bewteen transport modes,in paticular four main types of low-carbon means of transport, walking/cycling, rail transport, green vehicles, public transport.

    The project lasts 4 and a half years and the activities are divided into two phases:

    Phase 1: Jun 2018-Nov 2020, exchange of experience and development of the 4 action plans
    Phase 2:  Dec 2020-Nov 2022, Implementation and monitoring of the Action Plans

    Get Involved

    As territorial partners, the Southern Regional Assembly, Northeim, Funchal and Timisoara will work with local actors to draw action plans for boosting low-carbon multimodal mobility. They will form Stakeholders groups that will meet regularly in their territories.

    Project Contact:

    Rose Power - EU Projects Officer, Southern Regional Assembly
    Phone: +353 (0) 51 318106

    For further news and further information visit the MATCH-UP website